Together - Trans People, Our Families and Our Allies - Are Powerful. Together, We Can Breakthrough Hate and Make History on Nov. 7th, 2017.

Together, we’ve beaten 3/3 candidates that made up a hate slate of school board candidates affiliated with the multi-million dollar Alliance Defending Freedom and pledged to roll back protections for trans youth; and fought back and ensured that Rep. Mike Daye retained his legislative seat when he was targeted by a transphobic smear campaign.

But a great defense will not create the political power we need to stand with trans youth, to honor our active service and trans military veterans and to stop the violence that has claimed the lives of 23 trans people this year alone. That’s why we’ve endorsed and driven a proactive strategy to support 4 breakthrough trans candidates across the U.S.  It’s time to move beyond resistance, it’s time to breakthrough. With your help, we can elect these four, historic, trans candidates to office on Nov. 7th.  

Meet Trans United Fund’s 2017 Breakthrough Candidates


Andrea Jenkins

Andrea Jenkins

Minneapolis City Council


Phillipe Cunningham

Minneapolis City Council


Kristen Browde

Town Supervisor
New Castle, NY

Danica Roem

Danica Roem

Virginia House of Delegates

Building bridges across diverse populations is my life’s work. I will advocate, agitate, and activate for equity for all people.

Any attempts at reversing Minneapolis’ progressively growing trans-inclusive culture will be met with me fighting back with all of my might.

My commitment to Trans United Fund began far before my campaign and will never change… This is the organization we need to face our community’s challenges today.

“I have a commitment to trans rights, a commitment to racial equality and equity, and I will meet with Trans United Fund after I am elected to build a comprehensive plan for racial justice in my district.”

About the Breakthrough Initiative

The Breakthrough Fund Initiative is not just a PAC but an innovative political action program that will redefine the political landscape for trans and gender-expansive people and our allies.

Breakthrough Fund fills a crucial gap in the movement, defined by trans-led, trans-focused expertise.  Because our work is rooted in authentic relationships with key leaders that have been cultivated over the course of years, as well as a demonstrable track record of success, we bring together insight and expertise that has never been united before.  We also bring together political operatives and strategists, grassroots community advocacy, and a network of donors who are committed to our goals.  These unique relationships enable us to make a decisive difference — not just by winning elections — but by defining and driving a policy agenda that creates meaningful change in people’s lives.

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