Welcome to the Breakthrough Fund, featured in a recent Buzzfeed exclusive. We are a political action committee (PAC) run by trans advocates and tailored specifically to help elect trans people to office.
In 2017 we have endorsed 4 Breakthrough Candidates, not only to make history by electing openly trans leaders to public office, but because we know these leaders in particular have deep commitments to equality and equity for all, and will improve the lives of those who need it most: the most marginalized among us.

Trans United Fund ran the first, ever trans led and trans candidate-specific campaign to elect Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham. With OutFront MN, we raised and spent over $90,000 because we believed we could change history. When the Chamber of Commerce ran a $1 Million dollar independent expenditure against Phillipe and other progressive challengers, we didn’t run scared, we expanded our efforts to include the other progressives. We believed in taking the risk, in going all in and in having our people’s backs. The results are in. We increased turnout significantly. And Phillipe Cunningham won against all odds by 175 votes. We elected the first, two trans candidates to ever serve on the City Council of a major city; the first two black, trans candidates to serve on a major city council’ and the first black trans man to be elected to public office, ever.

We don’t just write a check and take a photo opportunity in the closing days with these candidates, we go all in.  That’s why our team ran what amounts to the largest trans candidate focused independent expenditure in history and certainly one of the most sophisticated local level i.e.s. to elect to trans candidates of color in Minneapolis, Minnesota:  Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham

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